Can You Recycle Hydraulic Fracturing (Frac) Water?

The Answer Is Yes

Many in the oil and gas industry are wondering: can (and should) we reuse water on the frac’ing site?

Will it save us money?

The answer to that is mixed. For now, we’ll say yes, it can be a cheaper, and better option sometimes. But, that’s not always the best option. Select Energy can and will recycle and reuse frac’ing water for future projects. For many companies, that’s a great option. Common scenarios for using recycling, include:

  • Lack of access to a nearby disposal well
  • Cost of disposal is higher

In other situations, recycling is more costly. Circumstances include:

  • A nearby and easily-accessible disposal well
  • Cost of cleanup is lower
  • Cost of disposal is lower

Most of the time, Select Energy can recycle more inexpensively than other options. Through a variety of excellent new technologies, Select Energy can save many companies money. Common practices for recycling frac water include:

  • pH adjustment “floc and drop”
  • Bubble floatation skimming
  • Electrocoagulation
  • and others

It’s a safe, and often cost-effective option that Select Energy makes easy.

The state-of-the-art technology makes water safe and reusable, saving future freshwater procurement and disposal costs. Want to learn more about fracking water services?

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