Select Chemistry

Experts in Water and Fluid Chemistry 

We leverage our expertise across all phases of the well to optimize your chemical spend. Whether it’s identifying a well’s scale potential in advance, matching friction reducers to the water chemistry, or treating corrosion for the long-term, Select Chemistry can identify, develop, manufacture and deploy with fewer touch-points.

The Formula for Innovation

Polymer Chemistry

From freshwater and high-brine applications to combination gels and friction reducer products, Select Chemistry carries a wide variety of proven products for today’s oilfield operations. Our line of RCKSLIQ™ friction reducers have been specifically formulated for produced and freshwater fracturing applications. 


Without a clear picture of each segment, you run a risk of over-treating, overdosing chemistry, and overpaying for your well. Water sourcing and treatment can create a moving target in terms of quality and availability. FluidMatch provides a holistic approach to water sourcing, treatment, chemistry and delivery. 

HYRC™ Fluids

HYRC™ is a breakthrough in hydrocarbon recovery that addresses fluid and formation interactions from a material science perspective to achieve significant improvements in production. HYRC fluids are engineered to minimize formation damage—preventing blockages in critical flow paths that impede hydrocarbon recovery.

Manufactured in the USA

We manufacture many of our products at two primary facilities in Texas, with distribution locations across the US. Our state-of-the-art friction reducer manufacturing facilities utilize a fully automated process from raws to finished goods. With over 300 I/O points for quality control and safety, we are able to efficiently produced products that perform consistently and reliably.

Direct to the Field

We are a partner with a commitment to safety and a proven track record of working with customers to optimize their supply chain and reduce their costs. Our in-house logistics fleet is capable of delivering in bulk direct to the field with advanced inventory tracking and billing.

Technical Expertise 

With over 5,000 square feet of lab space in Houston, Texas, our lab teams are expertly equipped to analyze the performance of your chemical program from beginning to end.

Research and development teams identify issues starting downhole, all the way to the tank battery to achieve long-term cost savings on your chemical program.

Our water and fluid labs use historical data combined with machine learning to provide valuable solution-driven operations.

Treated to Protect

We have a fleets of on-the-fly mobile treatment equipment for produced and flowback water in tanks, reserve pits, impoundments, and ponds. Protect the integrity of your operations and and maximize production before, during, and after the job with a comprehensive portfolio of both surface water treatment and flow assurance solutions—all targeted at delivering the greatest return on your investment. 

Our History

We got our start in 1981 as a specialty chemical blending and formulation company. Over the years we’ve continued to expand our expertise across the various fluid systems utilized by upstream oil and gas companies. Today, we are leaders in the development of customized chemistries that increase operational performance and reduce the environmental footprint of our customers. We are proud to be one of the largest completion chemical suppliers to the oil and gas industry as well as a treatment polymer supplier to various industries. 


Sustainability Minded Chemistry. 

Developing sustainable chemistry is crucial to minimize the environmental impact of industrial processes. By adopting sustainable chemistry practices, we endeavor to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and decrease our carbon footprint. Select Chemistry is proud to be a founding member of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s Oilfield Round Table .

Adopting a sustainable chemistry mindset offers new opportunities for innovation, creating products and processes that are safer, environmentally friendly, and meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions.