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Chemistry, and its proper application, is a fundamental component of our business. We consider it our mission to promote the sustainable use and development of chemistry in our operations. Applying green chemistry principles to oilfield chemicalmanagement is just one way we help our customers increase production while delivering on their ESG goals.

It is not uncommon to solve for inefficiency in one area only to create even greater inefficiency in another. By taking a holistic approach to every chemistry application, we deliver environmentally preferred alternatives.  Below we are details on three primary areas of focus Select Chemistry uses to evaluate green chemistry.



2022 Sustainability Report

Select Energy Services focuses on developing sustainable water and chemical solutions every day, with a commitment to conservation & reuse.

Applying green chemistry principles to oilfield chemical management is just one way we help our customers increase production while delivering on their ESG goals.

Sustainable Sourcing

Select Chemistry believes responsibility starts at the source. When sourcing materials, we evaluate our partners on their implementation of a sustainability program, geographic footprint, cost, and quality. Enforcing these metrics ensures we provide customers with the best performance while reducing the carbon footprint across the supply chain. 


By sourcing feedstock in close proximity to our manufacturing facilities and favoring rail delivery in place of over the road, we address the single biggest contributors to emissions in our supply chain.  


Supply chain and technology teams work collaboratively from the onset of the design phase to incorporate materials that provide optimal and sustainable chemistry that performs at the highest levels while meeting the stringent requirements and security of supply for our customers.

Prioritizing Rail

Select Chemistry uses rail to transport bulk raw materials for friction reducer manufacturing resulting in a 4x reduction in emissions over trucking freight.


Manufacturing Efficiency

Our understanding of chemistry improves our manufacturing processes and creates efficiency at scale. Improvements to our friction reducer manufacturing include automation controls and process indicators to reduce energy use and minimize batch waste.


Our R&D and QC teams work with manufacturing operations to regularly review inventory and storage conditions to verify product conformance along with performance. Extensive use of lot control allows us to reduce waste while also reducing emissions related to manufacturing and transport.


Environmental Performance

We actively pursue and promote the development of environmentally preferred chemistries that match or exceed the performance of standard formulations.  One of the areas Select Chemistry applies its environmental expertise is in the treatment of recovered fluids and brines. As a major supplier of the constituent chemistries injected during fracturing, including oilfield friction reducers, surfactants, and biocides— we design both for their performance downhole and their elimination at the surface.


Our customized chemistry and tailored treatment programs enable energy producers to reuse water that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to recycle. Today, our chemistries are in use at large industrial water treatment facilities across the country treating millions of gallons of water annually. 

Sustainability At Select

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