Chemical Logistics




Where Service Meets the Road


Select Chemistry provides a one-stop solution for the movement of well completion, stimulation, and production products with exceptional customer service from origin to well site. We are a partner with a commitment to safety and a proven track record of working with customers to optimize their supply chain and reduce their costs.  

Advanced Inventory Management System (AIMS™)  

Providing real-time management of chemicals at the well site to reduce pass-through billing time to operators and eliminate the need to carry excess inventory.

Volume without Variance

Moving high volumes of product no longer means high variance in inventory levels. AIMS records real time product use with less than 2% variance, which means you get what you pay for.

Zero Inventory

Maximize the benefits of bulk delivery and without tying up capital. AIMS makes this process seamless with just-in-time billing and the ability to re-inventory partial products.

Inventory Visibility

Knowing what you have means reducing the risk of NPT (non-productive time). Track product use from your mobile device and set alerts to trigger resupply based on location and lead time.

24/7 On-Call Support

Our dedicated field service tech is on call 24/7 to simplify implementation and prove AIMS can deliver confidence under pressure.

Chemical Additive Trailers 

Our fleet of chemical additive trailers delivers high-performance products on-the-fly to save time and reduce costs compared to setting tanks on location. Each unit consists of a trailer-mounted pumping system with associated power generation components, and safety and spill prevention equipment for up to four standard totes. Our enclosed units are heated to provide additional protection from the elements and freezing temperatures, ideal for products like friction reducers. 

Open Trailers 

  • 24 ft dual axle gooseneck trailer 
  • 4 – 125 psi air actuated pumps 
  • 4 positive displacement flow meters • 2 – 11-gallon air tanks 
  • 200 ft of 3/4” 250 PSI Duroflex hose (4 ea 50’ Long) with 3/4” Male Connection each end/one swivel 
  • 40-gallon steel containment to capture drips and valve leaks 

Enclosed Trailers 

  • 24 ft dual axle gooseneck trailer 
  • Totally enclosed with insulated walls 
  • 2 – 110V explosion proof heaters 
  • (9200 BTUs each) 
  • Full open doors on both sides for chemical loading/unloading 
  • 1 – 110V, 25-gallon air compressor, inline air drier/lubricator, with 50’ hose reel 
  • 4 – 125 psi air actuated pumps, each with reel that holds 50’ 3⁄4” 250 PSI Duroflex hose (3/4” Male Connection each end/one swivel) 
  • 4 positive displacement flow meters 
  • 40-gallon steel containment to capture drips and valve leak 


Safety—A Select Core Value

Safety is the core of our culture and is the highest priority in all that we do. At Select, we believe every incident is preventable and our team approaches every workday with that mentality. We do not do it unless it can be done safely. Select is committed to providing our employees with a safe work environment. This commitment begins with the establishment of industry-leading expectations and monitoring these safety objectives daily.

 Additional Logistics Equipment