Frac’ing Companies Have Options When It Comes to Their Water

Water’s Role In Frac’ing

Every frac’ing project requires water – and a lot of it. Once that water has been used, it’s often full of oil, organics, and even excess microorganisms that can cause problems for any operation.

Select Energy Services not only provides water and transportation for frac’ing projects, it also extracts, cleans, and sometimes, recycles frac’ing water. How does recycling work? And is it financially viable?

Recycling Water Options

Each job site offers its own resources and challenges. Some areas may have easily-accessible freshwater. Some may not. Others may have a disposal well nearby, others may not. These factors will greatly enhance or disqualify the financial viability of recycling frac water.

For most frac’ing projects, it may seem easier to use freshwater, and simply dispose of it. And for many frac’ing projects, that works perfectly. But, often times, there are more costs to disposal than there are for recycling. Frac’ing companies need a quality go-to option for recycling frac’ing water that works. That’s where Select comes in. We can make recycling an easy, cost-effective solution.

Each frac’ing project requires water. Companies managing a site will need to count the costs of a multiple of water services, including:

  • Water procurement
  • Water transportation
  • Storage and pumping
  • Cleanup, extraction
  • Contamination prevention
  • Disposal

Recycling frac water offers a unique option that for many job sites may save money as well as water. It’s important to note that every project is different. One job site may have more easily accessible, and therefore less expensive, access to freshwater, or a disposal well, that makes recycling water unnecessary. Companies looking to recycle should choose wisely which option is best for them.