Case Study: Surge Energy Permian Water Recycle Project

In 2017, Surge Energy wanted a test case study of a frac using 100% treated and recycled produced water.  So in early 2017, on 3 weeks notice, that is exactly what was done. Select provided a two-step treatment solution, along with transfer and impoundments.  This consisted of recycle treatment service, transfer to storage, storage in a battery of 4 AST’s, transfer to the frac job, and disinfection of the treated produced water on-location.

The operation ran at ~10,000 BBL/day of treatment at a tank battery, using three bubble floatation systems, over about 24 days. Approximately 200,000 BBL were processed for reuse, for the frac.  Note that the deployment was rated to meet the 270,000 BBL, but some field gathering realities limited the feed available to 200,000 for the actual deployment.  The AST’s stored the treated water, and then the water was disinfected in the transfer line, shortly before the working frac tanks at location.  A ClO2 generator system was used for this purpose.  Photos following the produced water through the operations on its way to the frac and results are shown below.

Step 1 – Recycle treatment using three bubble treatment units.  Treated water tanks on the right.

Results from Step 1 –
Showing tank battery feed water on the left, bubble floatation water in center, final filtered water on the right.

Step 2 – Water impounding in the AST tank farm.

Step 3 – Transfer to location (black lay-flat) and ClO2 treatment trailer on the frac location.  Used for all treated produced water.


Feb 2017 project results:
The frac was successfully performed with no problems with the frac chemistry of pumping pressures, and operations were conducted safely. The water quality was good, with elimination of iron and turbidity, and complete disinfection of the
treated waters.

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