Select Announces 2020 Safety Recognition Program Finalists

Select Energy Services holds the highest regard for safety as we strive to keep a strong safety record. Each year, we challenge our own safety performance from the previous year while raising the standards of safety in the industry.

Creating a safety culture at Select is imperative and because of its significance, we implemented the Safety Recognition Program in 2016. We like to recognize and reward those who have demonstrated exemplary work ethic while upholding the importance of safety in their everyday jobs. These individuals also make it a priority to guide and educate their colleagues on maintaining a safety culture in the workplace.

Throughout the year, we award safety medallions to individuals based on outstanding merit. Every Select employee is eligible to participate and has the potential of being awarded up to five safety medallions a year—each being more prestigious. If an employee has earned all five safety medallions by the end of the year, they are commended and become a finalist for a grand prize.

In 2020, Select Energy Services recognized 831 of its employees through the safety recognition program. Through the success of the program and commitment from the employees, 13 of those employees achieved all five levels:

Timothy Bracken
Zebulon Fox
Casey Griffin
Shannon Hampton
Chris Laughter
Gustavo Medina
Tyler Morgan
Jan Michael Oechler
Luis Olivas
Talara Ries
Ramiro Rocha
Ronald Smith
Timothy Tidwell

This year our grand prize is a brand-new Dodge 1500 pickup truck. Our second-place prize is $7,500 and our third-place prize is $5,000. Our other finalists will also receive various prizes including flat screen TV’s and gift cards.

We will stream our giveaway on Wednesday April 14, 2021, at 10:30 am via Facebook Live. Follow us on Facebook today!