Top 3 Trends in Well Testing: Regulation Drives Innovation

We know that Safety is the #1 key to success and that bigger operations require larger, more specialize equipment. Another important trend in Well Testing & Flowback is the development of innovative solutions in response to new industry regulations.

Regulatory agencies continue to influence the industry, directing energy producers to be more environmentally responsible. One movement, known as Green Completions, is reducing the amount of methane and vapor emissions released into the air around oil and gas well sites. This process safely contains and combusts flare gas, reducing the amount of wellsite emissions.

Select Energy Services utilizes specialized, closed-loop tank ventilation combustion units to prevent the release of methane and vapors into the air during operations. Benefits include optimized project efficiency—the system has been tested and proven, with established standard operating procedures (SOP) and rig up procedures. Select Energy Services also manages and coordinates interaction with community and regulatory bodies, and considers this an integral part of the process.

Green Completions 7

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