Safety Recognition Program

2022 Sustainability Report

Safety Recognition Program

Launched in 2016, our Safety Recognition Program (SRP) aims to enhance our safety culture by offering positive recognition and rewards for proactive participation. The five-tier medallion system acknowledges employees who demonstrate commitment to a safe work environment and exhibit safety leadership. Nominees are evaluated and awarded based on their level of safety leadership, and recipients of all five tiers of medallions are eligible to participate in the Annual SRP Event, where they have a chance to win various prizes. The Valiant medallion honors an employee who goes above and beyond to safeguard life and property by performing a remarkable act of safety.

This program leverages the competitive spirit of our field personnel by presenting Safety Medallions for exemplary actions performed throughout the year, actively embodying our safety principles. As employees receive additional medallions, they are rewarded with progressively larger monetary awards. Moreover, those who earn all five levels of medallions are invited to our corporate offices to meet with leadership.  Each invitee leaves with an award and are eligible for a chance to win the coveted grand prize—a brand-new full-size pickup truck.   

In 2022, the SRP distributed 1,104 medallions to acknowledge the exceptional dedication of 643 employees throughout our organization who showcased an unwavering commitment to the principles of a safe work environment.

A Program Where Everyone Wins

In 2022, we acknowledged the achievement of 29 employees who successfully attained all tiers of medallions, making them eligible for the grand prize selection. Ultimately, the prestigious honor was awarded to Rene Hernandez-Ledezma.

Rene, a dedicated CDL Driver based at our Dilley, Texas facility, has been an integral part of the Select team for over a decade. Throughout his tenure, he has consistently demonstrated an exceptional commitment to safety and attention to detail.  Rene helped drive a change in the safety culture in his region where employees had deprioritized and retracted from a mentality of continuous reporting and improvement.  Despite this, Rene continued to lead by example by pointing out unsafe practices at the yard and his meticulous inspection of the truck and load before beginning every trip.  

As a CDL driver, Rene is on the front lines of safety, and his efforts have had a profound impact on his region’s safety performance. This example ultimately resonated throughout the Company, with Rene ultimately receiving the recognition of operations leadership for his dedicated support to operating safely every day.

2022 Winner
Rene Hernandez-Ledezma
CDL Driver, South Texas