Select Announces 2022 Safety Recognition Program Finalists

At Select Energy, we strive to create a world-class safety culture through smarter communication, extensive training, and continuous improvement. We know that our team is the key to providing a safe work environment on the job. In 2016, we developed the official Safety Recognition Program (SRP) to enforce our culture of safety. 

Throughout the year, we recognize team members who demonstrate a commitment to safety in their everyday jobs. Every employee is eligible to participate in the SRP and has the potential of receiving up to five safety awards within a year – each level being more prestigious. If an employee has earned all five safety awards by the end of the year, they are commended and become a finalist for a grand prize.

We’re proud to announce that in 2022, we handed out 1,104 total safety awards and 29 team members achieved all five levels. These employees will be honored with a reception in Gainesville, Texas on January 25. 

2022 Safety Recognition Program Finalists: 

  • Benjamin Harn
  • Brandon Odum
  • Bryan Culler
  • Chad Woods
  • Chance Bielss
  • Edward Gent
  • Hector Felan
  • Jacob Daley
  • James Fonzi
  • Jason Wimer
  • Jeremy Collins
  • John Boatwright
  • Jonathan Carris
  • Jose Medina
  • Jose Rodriguez-Valdez
  • Joseph Wells
  • Juan Mendoza
  • Juan Sanchez-De La Torre
  • Justin Nutter
  • Kyle Swank
  • Mark Rhule
  • Michael Lane
  • Raymond Gingras
  • Rene Hernandez-Ledezma
  • Ricardo Guerra
  • Richard Hodges
  • Richard Webster
  • Shaun Horner
  • Timothy Guy

All participants will be awarded customized boots, a $100 gift card, a sweatshirt, and a plaque. Each finalist will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to various prizes such as a JBL speaker, Carbinox smartwatch, or a new laptop.

This year our grand prize is a 2023 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado. The second-place prize is $7,500, third place is $5,000. 

You can tune into the event LIVE on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

truck giveaway January 25 at 11am