Our Technology


Select takes a solutions-driven approach to bring a new thought process to our combined expertise in water and chemistry. Cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver precision, value and convenience at every touchpoint.

We adopt early. Technology allows us to face customer problems head-on. Some recent highlights include:

  • Intelligent Automation
  • Water Analysis and Optimization via Data Lakes
  • Sustainability Innovation and Carbon Research
  • Safety Technology

Delivering true automation means implementing technology that gathers, interprets and acts on data in real time­—all with limited human intervention. Through Select Energy’s patented1 WaterONE™ services, that true automation is possible.

We Put Technology to Work

Automated Water Transfer

Each piece of equipment responds automatically to changes in conditions on the transfer string—improving efficiency and safety.

Combustor Technology

The unique design of our EFR Combustors offer significant cost advantages while providing exceptional performance and reliability. Designed to meet or exceed current regulations, rich gas mixtures were tested to a combustion efficiency > 99.9 %.

HYRC Fluids

Through careful analysis of data from production simulations, field tests,
core samples and other sources, our engineers can tailor fluids to improve production.

Tank Monitoring

Select uses a network of remote monitoring equipment to track your water assets from source to completion, improving employee and asset utilization and reduces costs.


Simulating downhole conditions on a “frac chip” allows our engineers to control for specific fluid properties and propose the optimal chemistry to access pore networks.

Sand Management

The Select Copperhead™ offers true cyclonic separation with a wide range turn-down ratio that increases adaptably to individual well fluid dynamics improving performance under real-world conditions.

Making the Match

With Fluidmatch®, you get a single-source provider to support operators seeking real-time frac optimization. By designing and implementing entire water and chemical systems, we are the only company that combines visibility on each component to see how it impacts your bottom line.

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What’s in your future?

We’re always looking for opportunities to put our technology to work. This includes presenting the value of our current offerings to customers as well as piloting new technology. Contact us today to learn more about technology at Select.