Select Chemistry carries a wide variety of proven microbial control products aimed at protecting your assets and maximizing production. Our biocides can be used across a wide range of applications—from production and injection wells, to pipelines and frac fluids.


Protect your assets and maximize your production using Select Chemistry’s custom microbial control programs in your production and injection wells, pipelines and frac fluids. 

  • Sulfide & H2S Control to reduce the risk of H2S gas, poor hydrocarbon quality, and fouling of production equipment, helping to improve system performance, minimize downtime, and eliminate unnecessary expenses. 
  • Completion Fluids with several formulations suitable for the full range of applications from slickwater to more complex gel formulas. 
  • Injection Wells to protect your well against souring, corrosion and plugging as a result of bacterial contamination help manage well pressures and maintain high injectivity. 
  • Pipeline & Production Systems for effective mitigation of both sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and acid producing bacteria (APB) which helps protect against system fouling, under-deposit corrosion and generation of H2S gas. 
  • Fluid Storage where fresh, flowback and produced water can grow microorganisms that may be harmful to operations and health.


Our experienced chemists and field teams assess biocidal efficacy and compatibility, helping to prevent issues over the life of the operation. With a footprint in every major North American shale basin, Select Chemistry can deliver products in a safe and efficient manner.  


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