Efficiency and Safety in Fluid Handling

Now more than ever, water is an integral part of the success of oil and gas operations. As water requirements for hydraulic fracturing increase and regulatory challenges continue to emerge, energy producers must address the complex challenge of sourcing, treating, transporting and disposing of produced water. In today’s volatile oil price climate, extracting maximum value from each capital dollar is crucial.


Operators today also must comply with increasingly complicated state and local regulations. The fluids handling component has its own unique set of challenges. Operators are faced with stringent requirements regarding particulate matter (PM) compliance of the fleet as well as ever-evolving requirements for safely transporting and disposing of the water.

A key piece of this is fluid transportation with tank trucks. Operators must consistently strive for dependable and efficient operations for Water Logistics, delivering water where and when it’s needed. This decreases cycle time and increases throughput on their well pads.  When properly planned and managed, it aids completions in realizing greater reliability and performance; ultimately resulting in cost savings as well.


In 2015, Select helped a major energy producer in the Marcellus realize a 34 percent decrease in dollar per stage water costs over previous 2014 performance, while virtually eliminating trucking non-productive time for waiting on water and increased trucking efficiency on six consecutive pads in the Marcellus formation.

We reached 100 percent preventive maintenance compliance for our trucks, generating record-breaking completions performance at several of our client’s well pads in McDonald, PA, transforming the company’s regional water department from one of the lowest executing business units into one of the top performing. Indeed, in April 2015, our client recorded zero hours of non-productive time due to waiting on water, which is a first in the region’s history for a fully trucked pad. This result would not have been possible without Select’s fluid handling solutions.

This success was compounded by the fact that we recorded zero DAFW incidents, zero OSHA recordables, zero NOVs, and zero agency reportable spills in 2015. Our partnership with this client demonstrates our commitment to providing efficient water management solutions without compromising the safety of our workers and environment.

Beyond the safe handling of fluids, companies must rely on safe and efficient fluid disposal in order to remain compliant and reduce environmental impact. To that end, Select’s disposal solutions business unit is equipped with permitted disposal facilities strategically positioned throughout the major US shale plays with active disposal capacity of approximately 300,000 barrels per day.

We continue to outperform delivery and performance expectations, driving consistent and reliable operations, helping decrease cycle time and increase throughput on the client’s well pads in all of our US service locations. Logistics expertise and our industry-leading fluids handling capabilities distinguish Select Energy Services from our competitors. We deploy a suite of solutions aimed at maximizing efficiency and safety throughout the entire water management process. Through these fluid-handling capabilities, Select delivers efficient, safe and profitable results, enabling the oil and gas industry to operate in a more efficient, environmentally sustainable manner.

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Today, the Oil And Gas Awards recognized Select Energy Services as the Trucking Company of the Year for our work in 2015.