Prices May Vary: The Cost of Frac Water

Each frac’ing project presents a unique situation when it comes to water services. Select Energy’s team of experts will determine the most cost-effective plan for your next project, based on the following major services:

  • Fresh Water Procurement
  • Water Transportation and Storage
  • Produced Water Movement
  • Water Cleanup or Disposal

This is a simplified guide to frac water co sts. To learn more, contact Select Energy.

1. Fresh Water Procurement

The cost of purchasing fresh water is the first financial consideration when it comes to pricing a new frack water project. But, there’s a caveat. Water prices vary from region to region and from shale play to shale play, which means the overall cost of water projects will also vary based on geography. There is no standardized price when it comes to purchasing fresh water. Select Energy will assess and propose the most efficient procurement strategy for your company.

2. Water Transportation and Storage

The next consideration is to define the best methods of storage and transportation of the water to meet the volume demands at the well site.

3. Produced Water Movement

Next, once any frac project is finished, considerations as to how to deal with the now-used water must be assessed. The recently-used water coming out of the well can’t be discharged into the environment. It will need to either be recycled or properly disposed. Moving that water to a disposal well or a recycling facility is an additional cost.

4. Water Cleanup or Disposal

Water cleanup and disposal costs vary depending on access to a disposal well, or recycling options. Each job site’s disposal costs will vary.