Select Energy Services And Water Rescue Services Sign Strategic Alliance

Select Energy Services Provides A Total Water Solution Approach Through Strategic Partnership With Water Rescue Services Holdings

(Houston, TX)  – September 22, 2011 – Select Energy Services, LLC (“Select”), a water solutions and oilfield service company headquartered in Houston, Texas, announced today the signing of a strategic alliance agreement with Water Rescue Holdings, LLC (“Water Rescue”), a Fort Worth, Texas-based provider of water treatment and re-use technology to oil and gas operators.

The agreement gives Select access to a versatile and mobile water treatment and recycling technology through Water Rescue’s electro-coagulation units, while Water Rescue gains exposure into new markets and geographical areas.   “We believe that our customers are interested in making their water operations more economical while finding new ways to implement environmentally friendly practices,” said John Schmitz, CEO of Select.  “Select and Water Rescue look forward to combining our strengths to provide a cost effective environmental water solution to today’s energy industry.”

The strategic alliance with Water Rescue provides Select with an additional partner in water solutions, water treatment and water recycling, and bolsters its Water Solutions and Environmental service offerings throughout the US.  “We are extremely excited to be partners with a company having the excellence and industry presence of Select Energy Services.  This association provides both companies with a core of products and services, unmatched in our industry,” said Wes Williams, CEO of Water Rescue.

The Water Rescue process takes flow back and produced water, and sends it through an electro-coagulation (“EC”) unit that removes contaminants prior to re-use so that it can be utilized by operators for hydraulic fracturing and other well operations.  Initial tests of Water Rescue’s technology indicate that it transfers significantly more produced or flowback water, up to 150,000 barrels per day, through the EC unit resulting in a quicker turnaround, less equipment utilization and potentially greater cost savings to the operator.  Water Rescue is currently focused on deploying its units in areas that allow for centralized treating of high volumes of water, such as the Barnett and Eagle Ford shale.

About Select Energy Services

Select Energy Services, LLC, is water solutions and oil and gas service company with operations in the Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Barnett, Fayetteville, Woodford, Granite Wash, Niobrara, and Bakken formations and throughout the Permian Basin.  The company is a leading provider of Water Solutions and Environmental, Well Completions and Intervention, and Facilities Engineering and Construction services.  For more information, please visit

About Water Rescue Services

Water Rescue Services is an oil and gas, water treatment and recycling company that utilizes  specialized processes to recycle both produced and flowback water, making it available for re-use in hydraulic fracturing and other well operations.If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with John Schmitz, please call Brooke Jones at 832-776-2864 or email Brooke at