Select Energy Services Launches AquaLogic™ Suite of Automated Water Transfer Solutions


System enables operators to save money with efficient water transfer operations

(Houston, TX) – May 20, 2016 – Select Energy Services, LLC (Select) today announced the launch of AquaLogic™, a full suite of automated water transfer solutions. AquaLogic™ consists of automated equipment, including pumps and a proportioning system, that responds to operator specifications and changing conditions in real time.

“This is essentially the next step to enhancing efficiency in water operations,” said Nate Banda, director of operational technology for Select. “AquaView® gives our customers the ability to monitor and track their water; AquaLogic™ allows them to automate the movement of water and conduct operations closer to their physical limits while maintaining strict safety standards.”

AquaLogic™ water transfer pumps use sensors and programming to operate and maintain desired water flow rates by modulating pressure within the system. The pumps remotely and automatically transfer water by raising and lowering pump RPM based on incoming and discharge water data points that are collected and shared throughout the system.

“We now have the ability to remotely set and maintain operational parameters,” said Michael Skarke, vice president of water solutions for Select. “When this system detects that a certain threshold has been crossed it’s going to alert the operator; but at the same time, the automated system is going to take intelligent action to keep operations running safely and smoothly. This includes raising a pump’s RPM to maintain desired flow rates, or shutting down the system and valves completely in the event of a failure. That’s the power of AquaLogic™.”

The second element of the AquaLogic™ suite is the proportioning system, which consists of a large manifold equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and various sensors. With the proportioning system, operators can combine two fluid streams, such as produced water, heavy brine, flowback water, and freshwater to extend the life of water sources and reduce dependence on salt-water disposal wells. AquaLogic™ combines both streams based on operator specifications and can maintain flow rates up to 100 barrels per minute.

Incorporating impaired water into completion operations allows energy producers to save money and time spent trucking water to and from worksites. In addition, the remote, self-monitoring system increases personnel utilization while also reducing costs and the chances of human error or recordable safety incidents.

AquaLogic™ allows for the collection and communication of precise information to allow Select’s clients to make informed decisions concerning engine output, water flow, and water storage requirements. It directly integrates with AquaView®, the company’s suite of real time water asset monitoring technology.

“AquaLogic™ is a game changer for energy producers who want to manage water safely, quickly, and cost effectively,” said John Schmitz, chief executive officer for Select. “This level of efficiency and safety is the key to prolonging E&P operations in this market. Select is committed to being the leader in developing cutting edge technology that delivers precision, value, and convenience to our industry.”

About Select Energy Services

Select Energy Services strives to change the oil and gas industry’s approach to water management.  By providing strategic water management services from sourcing and transfer to reuse and disposal, Select provides innovative, efficient, end-to-end solutions to energy producers.  Select Energy Services has the people, resources, and experience to safely and efficiently deliver reliable water to energy operations in every major United States shale play.  Always mindful of the environment, Select is the premier provider of water solutions that help unlock the vital energy resources of our country.

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