Your one source in the industry for combined water and chemistry expertise. Fluidmatch™ provides you with the clarity, control and adaptability to enable real-time frac optimization and deliver a better well.

We Evaluate

Every water source is unique, just like the water requirements of your operation. We leverage our analytical capabilities and extensive water profile database to evaluate water sources to craft the best chemistry for the most effective solution. AquaView™ automated sensors provide data for an added check on water quality in real-time.

We Control

Our robust infrastructure provides the
volume management tools and services you need to control the flow of produced water, from the source to the wellbore. That control is further enhanced by automated equipment and disinfection systems that work in real-time to optimize results and deliver faster.

We Match

Regardless of the analysis and preparation, water sources have a tendency to change. Changes are systematically identified with automated alerts, in-field experts and by our in-house lab. Operational and chemical changes can sync in real-time to adapt to those unexpected changes without sacrificing time or the effectiveness of the solution.

   Costs In Check

With fluidmatch, you get a single-source provider to support operators seeking real-time frac optimization. By designing and implementing entire water and chemical systems, we are the only company with that combines visibility on each component to see how it impacts your bottom line.

   the Match

Water and chemistry play a vital role in determining the ultimate performance of your well. To match the precise needs and goals of your operation with a comprehensive, capable water solution, we developed FluidMatch™ — our unique approach to total fluid design. It’s the way we transform a water source into a more productive resource. From sourcing through disposal, FluidMatch can verify the right mix, deliver the right chemistry and deploy the right infrastructure to achieve a more effective and cost-efficient well.

Produced water sourcing and treatment can create a moving target in terms of quality and availability. FluidMatch provides a holistic approach to water sourcing, treatment, chemistry and delivery made possible through the expertise of Select and Rockwater. Single-source communication and automation is another way FluidMatch can align completion goals from start to finish.


Identifying and evaluating water data to match the right source whether produced, blended or fresh.


Comprehensive on-the-fly treatment and disinfection aligned with pre and post frac KPIs..


Leveraging an established network of automated water logistics that can evaluate and adapt in real-time.


Developing, testing and manufacturing chemical solutions to match water chemistry on a per-project basis..


An Industry Leader In
Water Chemistry 


We’ve created the ultimate blend of fluid focused solutions, combined and automated to create efficiency across operational lines— sourcing, treatment, delivery and chemistry.

Without a clear picture of each segment, you run a risk of over-treating, overdosing chemistry, and overpaying for your well. For example, creating the right produced water blend, flow rates and disinfection can influence a custom chemistry that reduces total operation inputs and create opportunities for more automation and efficiency.


Select is the premier provider of innovative, efficient, end- to-end water management solutions. We provide the infrastructure and automated capabilities so that FluidMatch solutions are always ready when and where they are needed.



For over 40 years, Select Chemistry has provided leading oilfield chemical products and services for completions with the expertise and analysis that powers FluidMatch water optimization.


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Improving production begin with better fluid efficiency and compatibility with the wellbore. Learn more about the potential cost savings and efficiency FluidMatch can bring to your operations. Our technical teams can help you enhance the potential of your well. Contact us today!