De-Risking Seismicity

De-Risking Seismicity


Select provides options to reduce the risk of operational shut down from seismicity. While regulators review seismic events, access to deep disposal wells may be reduced or halted altogether. We are experts in produced water logistics, treatment, reuse, sharing and sourcing and can provide interim or long-term solutions in remote locations.

Water Sharing

Manage peak volumes | Reduced reliance on disposals

Improve the flexibility of source and waste streams with produced water sharing. Select has working relationships with multiple operators to streamline and match fluid requirements in remote areas. Chances are if you have excess water outflows, we can help broker an agreement to utilize them.

Formation Specific Disposal

Multiple disposals in St. Andres formation

The primary focus for correlating induced seismicity is in deep formation disposal, particularly in the Ellenburger formation. Select has over 40 disposals with capacity above the Strawn formation. At this depth, operators can dispose outside of the current focus of seismic activity.

Fixed or Temporary Treatment Facilities

Eliminate the need for disposal  | Achieve sustainability goals


Operators are recognizing the benefit of large-scale fixed treatment facilities in remote or highly active locations. Combined with the potential for water sharing, these facilities can improve the economics of treatment by multiple orders of magnitude. We currently operate multiple treatment facilities with over 30,000 treated bbls per day of capacity. In areas where activity does not warrant a large fixed facility or where disposal options are suddenly curtailed, a smaller treatment system may provide the Operator with a produced water management option that allows for continued oil production. Choose Select to design, coordinate, construct and operate your next facility.

Less Trucking. More Fluid Match.

Talk about how trucking is not a solution to this problem. More chemistry and logistics—mention fluidmatch.

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