Field Support

Frac and Field Chemical Support

Applied Chemistry For A Better Well 

Select Chemistry provides chemical products backed by fluid expertise across a wide range of oil and gas industry applications. Our on-site services as well as in-house technical teams help improve ease-of-use for each product we deliver. From completion to production, Select goes the last mile with our direct-to-the-field logistics and support.  

Our Process

Inventory Management  

  • Automated Inventory Management (AIMS™)  
  • Remote Tank Level monitoring  
  • Low inventory Alerts & Auto Dispatch  
  • Scheduled Drive-by Service  
  • On-Site Services  
  • Direct-to-Well Delivery  

    Chemical Disclosure Reporting

    • Regulatory Verification  
    • Frac Focus Reporting and Submission  
    • Pre-Qualified Chemical Packages  
    • SDS Document Management  
    • EPA Registration & Compliance by State  

    Field Analysis & Verification  

    • Sample Collection & testing  
    • Product Qualification  
    • FluidMatch™  
    • Treatment Verification  
    • (Pre/POST Bacteria & Scale Testing)  
    • Field and Lab Water Analysis  

      Post Treatment Monitoring  

      • Dedicated Fluid Design Specialists  
      • Historical Data and Reporting  
      • Field Water Database  
      • Application optimization  
      • KPI Reviews to Verify Optimization  
      • Single-vendor efficiency for multiple product and service categories  

      The Right People And Right Equipment To Get The Job Done  

      In-Field Experts  

      Serving our customers means having a team with the expertise to find solutions and troubleshoot in real time, all while getting the job done safely and efficiently.  

      • Field Engineering Team  
      • Trained Equipment Operators  
      • Fluid Technicians  
      • Automation Technicians  
      • Field Coordinators  
      • Polymer & Water Chemists  
      • Dry FR Specialists  
      • Analytical Lab Techs  


        H2prO ClO2 Generation  

        Safe on-site ClO2 generation for high-volume treatment of fresh and produced water. With a small footprint, low power and labor requirements, Select can provide best-in-class water treatment.  

        • Generates Clo2 In Water (No Reaction Chamber)  
        • Vacuum-Based System (No Pumps)  
        • Automated Dosage & Monitoring  
        • Automated Alerts & Alarms  
        • Maximum Aqueous Concentration  
        • Of 3,000ppm (0.3%) Clo2  
        • Low To High Volume Treatments (100-5,000 Lbs)  
        • Highly Efficient Reaction (> 95%)  

            Field Equipment And Technology  

            • On-The-Fly Chemical Application  
            • On-Site Dry Fr Application  
            • Drill out Biocide Units  
            • Dry Chemical Feed Equipment  


            Supply And Logistics  

            • In-House Fleet  
            • In-Basin Manufacturing  
            • Automated Inventory Management  
            • Cloud-Based Monitoring  



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