Crosslinkers Formulated Optimize Performance & Minimize Water Requirements   

As an industry leader in crosslinker technology for over 30 years, we know a thing or two about the consistent controlled performance our customers have come to expect from our crosslinkers. Choose from a wide range of applications with aqueous and non-aqueous formulations designed to reach peak viscosity within time, temperature, pressure, and pH constraints. Select Chemistry crosslinkers are supported by our lab team to fine tune performance in conventional freshwater fluids as well as brinebased fluids used in water treatment programs.  

Product List

Product Metail Ion  Application 
XLB – 305  Borate   Aqueous surface crosslinker 
XLB – 308  Borate  Non-aqueous, delayed crosslinker; up to 350° F  
XLB – 312  Borate  Aqueous, delayed, self-buffered crosslinker  
XLB – 314  Borate  Aqueous, delayed crosslinker 
XLB – 350  Zirconate  Non-aqueous, delayed crosslinker; 200-350° F  
XLB – 351  Zirconate  Aqueous, slightly delayed; 200-350° F 
XLB – 362  Zirconate  Concentrated aqueous surface crosslinker 
XLB – 366  Zirconate  Aqueous surface crosslinker 

Lab Services

Our lab services are staffed by experienced chemists and engineers who assess different aspects of your well and fluid systems to formulate solutions that boost productivity and prevent issues over the life of the well.  

  • Quality control and assurance 
  • Polymer solution viscosity profiling 
  • Shear stability testing 
  • Cold climate stability testing 
  • Additive compatibility analysis 
  • Flow loop differential pressure testing


Distribution & Warehousing

Select Chemistry is your supply chain partner with a proven track record and a warehousing footprint in every major North American shale basin. We deliver the chemicals you need in a safe and efficient manner, while providing visibility every step of the way to keep your completion on schedule and on budget.  

  • 24/7 in-house customer service support  
  • Distribution centers in all major basins 
  • Extensive logistics automation improves dispatch and compliance 
  • Smith System® trained drivers with HAZMAT andTanker Endorsements  

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