Large Volume AboveGround storage tanks

A cost effective and environmentally conscious option for large-scale well completion programs, steel tanks replace traditional pit construction and reclamation.  Select’s aboveground storage storage (AST) is available in holding capacities from 4,500 to 62,000 barrels and is designed for easy transport and assembly.

Mobile, Re-Useable Storage

  • Designed for easy assembly, mob, de-mob & transport
  • Segment design provide for transport without pilot vehicles
  • Liner retention clips quickly installed & removed
  • Quick installation and removal

Alternative to Conventional Water Storage

  • Cost effective & environmentally friendly option for large scale well completion programs
  • Replaces traditional pit construction, monitoring, reclamation
  • Site preparation less intrusive
  • Less expensive & simpler logistics when compared to smaller enclosed tanks
  • Lessen amount of trucks on the road during mobilization and transfer

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Select’s custom nested tank helps reduce the risk of spill and associated clean up and soil testing expenses by combining the structural integrity and reliability of two tanks. These can be erected within 24 hours on average and are available in every tank size up to 62,000 bbls.


Unlike other heating methods, Select’s unique Volcano heaters circulate heating fluid through piping and radiators placed inside the AST to heat from the center outward. This results in even heating to eliminate cold pockets, less energy consumption, 70% better thermal efficiency and can provide a 30-40% overall cost reduction in heating.


Data on every Select tank you have leased can be accessed through our secure online portal. Aquaview® digital monitoring can report on water level, temperature, water quality and flow rates all in real-time. Configure alerts based on preset thresholds or auto-shutoffs for pumps and generators from your smartphone via the web portal. Advanced contour depth mapping capabilities allow Aquaview® to be used for in-ground impoundments as well.

Reusable secondary Containment

​Reusable, aboveground containment systems that can be used during the construction, drilling, completion, and production phases of oilfield operations.  Select provides secondary containment that is adaptable to diverse terrain and sensitive environmental areas.  From drive-on containment to two and four-foot options, we’ll find a solution that fits your needs.


  • Comes in 2’, 4’ and 8’ high sections
  • Specially designed foot on each barricade provides exceptional stability
  • Minimal environmental footprint
  • Designed for rapid and simple deployment, virtually eliminating the need for equipment and the use of heavy machinery
  • Can utilize any number of color designs to meet regional needs.  White to reflect heat during the summer in southern regions and black to attract heat during the winter in northern regions.

Tank Pedestals

Our pedestals are designed to accommodate both 12’ and 16’ tanks. The 12’ can tank pedestal will carry a 300 barrel tank (approximately 110,000 lbs). The 16’ tank pedestal will hold a full 500 barrel tank (approximately 181,000 lbs). Making them not only a cost effective, but also a superior alternative to gravel rings.


We also provide premium In ground and surface mount wall steel containments. These sturdy, proven wall systems have years of in-industry success and are engineered and built to support a full hydrostatic load. We build your site to your specifications with quality and a safety first mentality.


Select has the technical experience, personnel and equipment to provide liner services to the oilfield industry. Whether it is to line under a drilling rig, frac pit or reserve pit, Select can handle any size job. Our liners come in 20, 30, 40 and even 60 mil with heat welded seams to ensure a seal. We trench and properly ditch all edges to firmly anchor the liner edges. Not only can we line them, we can build them.


​Fully equipped, low profile tank units are available for any of your storage requirements. Our experienced team at Tidal Logistics is available to support all of your containment needs including on-site tank delivery, filling and disposing of your fluids as necessary.