Transfer Pumps

Transfer Pumps

AquaLogic™ water transfer pumps use sensors and programming to operate and maintain desired water flow rates by modulating pressure within the system. The pumps remotely and automatically transfer water by raising and lowering pump RPM based on incoming and discharge water data points that are collected and shared throughout the system.


Proportioning System

The AquaLogic™ proportioning system consists of a large manifold equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and various sensors. With the proportioning system, operators can combine two fluid streams, such as produced water, heavy brine, flowback water, and freshwater to extend the life of water sources and reduce dependence on salt-water disposal wells. AquaLogic™ combines both streams based on operator specifications and can maintain flow rates up to 100 barrels per minute.

Incorporating impaired water into completion operations allows energy producers to save money and time spent trucking water to and from worksites. In addition, the remote, self-monitoring system increases personnel utilization while also reducing costs and the chances of human error or recordable safety incidents.

AquaView® integration

AquaLogic™ allows for the collection and communication of precise information to allow Select’s clients to make informed decisions concerning engine output, water flow, and water storage requirements. It directly integrates with AquaView®, the company’s suite of real time water asset monitoring technology.